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Stereo / Hifi

Stereo components come in a wide variety of designs, features and prices, so when buying a system or even a single component, we strive to make the process easy by first asking a lot of questions such as What type of music do you enjoy? How large is your listening room? Will you listen at low levels or do you like to play your music loud? Do the speakers need to match the room décor, etc.  

We start with the speakers, explaining differences and letting you listen and compare for yourself to find the sound you like best. We can then help you match the electronics to the speakers, and finally, zero in on how you plan to source your music to determine if f a CD player, turntable or digital music player makes the most sense for you.

In every decision, you can rest assured that we have curated what we believe to be the best stereo brands in every price range, all chosen for reliability, workmanship and overall musicality. Depending on your space, we offer every type of loudspeaker from bookshelf and floor standing models to in-wall, in-ceiling, subwoofers and landscape speakers, all available in various shapes, colors and sizes.  For your electronics, we help you choose from a broad range of stereo receivers, surround sound receivers and separate amps and preamps, depending on your needs and desires.  We have 14 models of turntables to choose from as well as CD and DVD players - and everything else you need to buy the stereo system of your dreams. We have the best in every price range. Let the music begin!