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Music Matters

"Without music, life would be a mistake." Frederich Nietzche

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    Proud Sponsors of the WTTS FM Concert Connection

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    The only stereo shop in Indy with all four horn-loaded Klipsch Heritage loudspeakers on display.

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    Proud sponsors of the WTTS FM Concert Connnection

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    Sole purveyors in Indy of the full line of Maganpan speakers with ribbon technology. 

Because You CAN Hear the Difference!

Are you one of those people who thinks it doesn't matter what kind of stereo system you buy because you can't hear the difference anyway? We beg to differ. Everyone hears differently, and given a good demo situation, we guarantee you too can hear the difference between higher and lower performance components. When you do, you will truly appreciate just how great your music can sound - and you'll never want to scrimp on stereo again. Your music deserves the best stereo gear your money can buy, and so do you! Stop by for a demo today.

Everybody's Doing It - The Latest Trend in Music Listening

For the past several years, most people have spent the lion's share of their stereo dollars creating a surround sound home theater experience centered around the TV. Though it is true that the quality of the sound system is what actually creates the WOW home theater experience (not the size of the TV), given the tenor of the times we live in, many people are now opting for a dedicated music listening experience, in a separate room from the TV, with a state-of-the-art two-channel system where they can come home at the end of the day, relax, kick back and let the music transport them to a more blissful musical state of mind. When you own a great stereo system, who needs therapy?