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Showroom Experience

We Think Buying a Stereo System Should be Fun

That’s why we spent the last several months building out our new Carmel showroom to create dedicated listening rooms and a comfortable relaxing environment for you to listen and compare before you buy.  We are the only stereo store in Indy with so many premium brands of speakers and stereo components hooked up and ready to play, everyday.

Not All Stereo Components are Created Equal

It’s true.  Some brands are definitely better than others just as some speakers lend themselves to certain types of music or certain acoustic environments.  We have spent years researching and testing countless brands and products, and have curated what we believe to be the best selection of premium stereo components in every price range and for all manner of musical tastes. The fact is, listening to music on a well-balanced high performance stereo system is one of life’s great pleasures.  We invite you to make a showroom appointment, bring your favorite music and spend some time with us listening, learning, comparing and ultimately choosing the exact right system for your ear, and your budget. 

Stunning, Explosive Sound from Magnepan and Klipsch, Exclusively at Ovation

If you’ve never seen or heard electronic components from McIntosh Labs, you owe it to yourself to come in for a demo. We are proud to be selling this iconic brand of premium stereo and home theater components that are stunning to the eye, beautiful to the touch and melodious to the ear.   

We are also the only shop in Indy with all of the new Klipsch horn-loaded Heritage Series speakers hooked up and on display.  Award winning, floor standing KlipschHorns, La Scala’s, and Cornwalls and Heresy bookshelf speakers redefine the way you experience bass response and definitely warrant an Ovation showroom visit in your very near future. 

We are also the only store in Indy to be showing and selling world-famous loudspeakers from Magnepan - with ribbon technology that can be custom ordered in the color and finish of your choice.