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Make Your Records Great Again

Says Rolling Stone Magazine, "The high price of new LPs - $30 for most major label reissues - is making used vinyl an ever more attractive option. But wht to do when the Buzzcockss first pressing you found is so dusty it looks as if it's been sitting on a windowsill since 1978? Buy it - then restore it to almost new with a record cleaner.

As with anything in the hi-fi world, prices for cleaners vary wildly, but the Okki Nokki finds a happy medium and actually makes more financail sense the more you use it. It combines a rotating platter and a tonearm-like vacuum cleaner tube that sucks up the microscopic debris to remove clicks and pops and (as long as you you're dealing with dust and not deep scratches), brings back lush analog greatness."

Special features include: 

 - Built-in safety features prevent fluid being sucked into the vaccum motor and the turntable motor overheating.

- Cool running turntable motor allows for hours of use, no need for noisy fans.

- Comes complete with recordcleaning fluid and goat hair brush.

- Auto shut-off should the user forget to drain down reservoir.

- Forward and reverse motor for 'scrubbing' action.

- Vacuum tubes for 10" and 7" records available.

- Made with the highest build values.

- Quiet vacuum motor.

- Available in Black or White finish